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Electronic Parts


For printed circuit boards, the production evaluation is carried out from the aspects of insulation coating hardening and drying, interlayer bonding hardening, defoaming, thermal cycle acceleration test, temperature and humidity bias voltage acceleration test, and high temperature and high pressure material moisture resistance test.

LED is produced, inspected and evaluated from defoaming test, high temperature test, low temperature storage test and temperature cycle test.

For magnetic materials, production and evaluation are carried out from drying, low temperature test and high pressure accelerated aging.

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MarketsDetection Object ApplicationTechnology
Electronic parts
SemiconductorEvaluationThe evaluation for combination between device and PCB
Rapid-Rate Temperature (& Humidity)Cycle Chamber
Printed Circuit BoardProduction
The hardening and drying for Insulation coatingIndustrial Ovens
Accelerated Thermal cycling testRapid-Rate Temperature (& Humidity) Cycle Chamber
Low-temperature testingRapid-Rate Temperature (& Humidity) Cycle Chamber
LEDEvaluationHigh-temperature testingIndustrial Ovens
Temperature cycle testTemperature (& Humidity) Chamber
Temperature cycle test
Rapid-Rate Temperature (& Humidity) Cycle Chamber
Magnetic MaterialsProductionDry processingIndustrial Ovens

BatteryEvaluationCharacteristic TestRapid-Rate Temperature (& Humidity) Cycle Chamber