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Maintenance method of high and low temperature test chamber

On 2022-May-Mon

Maintenance method of high and low temperature test chamberThe high and low temperature test chamberhas the备of simulating the temperature change law in the atmospheric environment, and it issuitable for于testing the reliability of various performance indicators of product parts and materials in the case of high temperature and low temperature (alternating) cycle change,Useing Product design,improvement,appraisal and inspection.


(Hongzhan Technology high and low temperature test chamber).

In order toensure the durability of the equipment and the high accuracy of the z,we need to masterthe scientific maintenance method and adhere to the maintenance of the equipment for a long time. The following is asmall editor of Hongzhan Technology to explain thepoints that need to be paid attention to in the maintenance of high and low temperature test chambers.

1, high and low temperature test chamber generally we recommend that it be placedinof 8 ° C ~ 28 ° C, for laboratories that do not have this condition, must be equipped with appropriate air conditioning or other refrigeration equipment.

2, professional management and maintenance, qualified enterprises should send special personnel to the supplier's factory from time to time totrain and learn, in order to obtain more professional maintenance, repair experience and ability.

3, fixed every 3 months to clean the condenser, for the compressor using air cold and cold way, should be regularly overhauled condensing fan and condenser decontamination and dust removal to ensure its good ventilation and heat exchange performance. For the compressor, the water-cooled way is used to ensure that its inlet water pressure and inlet water temperature are guaranteed, and the corresponding flow rate must be guaranteed, and the inside of the condenser is cleaned and descaled regularly to ensure its continuous heat exchange performance.

4, regular cleaning of the evaporator,due to the different cleanliness grades of the sample, under the action of forced wind circulation, the evaporator will condense a lot of dust and other small particles, should be cleaned regularly.

5, cleaning the waterway and humidifier,if the waterway is not smooth, humidifier fouling can easily lead to the humidifier dry burning, may damage the humidifier, so it is necessary to clean the waterway and humidifier regularly.

6. Insist that the temperature is set to the same as the ambient temperature of the experimental site after each test, andthen cut off the power supply after working for about 30 minutes, and wipe the wall of the studio clean.

73. When the long-term shutdown is not in use, the product should be powered on regularly every half a month, and the power-on time is not less than1 hour.

Often scientific and reasonable maintenance of high and low temperature test chamber, not only can greatly extend the service life of high and low temperature test chamber, but also can effectively avoid equipment failure caused by slack maintenance.

For more information about the maintenance methods of environmental test equipment, you can call us, and Hongzhan Technology will provide you with professional consulting services.

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