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How to maintain the high and low temperature test chamber that has been deactivated for a long time

On 2022-May-Mon

High and low temperature test chamberis used to test the performance of materials in various environments and to test the performance of various materials against heat, cold, dry and moisture的. Suitableforelectronicproducts,electronicinstruments,automobiles, plastic products, metals, chemicals, building materials, medical, aerospace andso on. Sometimes we do not need to use high and low temperature test chambers, when idle,how should we maintain it to ensure that the performance of the use is not affected?


(Hongzhan Technology high and low temperature test chamber)

The followingis taken by the small editor of Hongzhan Technologyto understand the maintenance method of long-term deactivation of high and low temperature test chambers.

1. Unplug the power plug, take out the contents of the box, and clean the inside and outside of the test box.

2,between the door seal and the box with a paper strip cushion, to prevent the door seal and the box adhesion, if not used for a long time, you can also apply some talcum powder on the door seal.

3, the indoor air has a certain humidity,do notuse a plastic bag to cover it,so thatthe moisture in the air is difficult to emit, the electrical components and metal components in the equipmentareeasy to corrode and damage.

4. Thesolidification temperature for refrigeration in the high and low temperature test chamberagentis very low, and there isno needto put the test chamber in a place with a higher temperature because of the fear that it will freeze.

5. The closed high andlow temperature test chamberis placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight. After the position is moved, the test chamber should be placed smoothly.

6. If possible, the power supply should be turned on once a month, sothatcompressor can operate normally for half an hour to an hour before shutting down.

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